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9 (2019)

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Aanakkallan (2018)

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Kammara Sambhavam (2018)

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The story of Kammaran, the unsung hero who helped Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose through India's freedom fight, as seen through different phases of his extraordinary life.

K.G.F (2018)

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Period drama set in late 70's based on Kolar Gold fields.

Lilli (2018)

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Abducted and confined in a room by a gang of sadistic men, a pregnant woman tries to escape, against insurmountable odds.

Johny Johny Yes Appa (2018)

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This is the story of the menace Johny who is very obedient to his father and have many tricks up his sleeve. He has an innocent demeanor, but underneath he's the mischievous of all the brothers.

Neerali (2018)

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The film rides through some adventurous incidents that occurred in the life of a Mumbai-based malayalee Sunny, who works as a gemologist.

Pennanweshanam (2019)

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Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo (2019)

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Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo

An International Local Story (2019)

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An International Local Story

Sukumara Kuruppu (2019)

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The film will bring on screen the life of the most celebrated criminal of Kerala- Sukumara Kurup.

Sakala Kalasala (2019)

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Sakala Kalasala

Veerappan (2019)

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The film will bring on screen the life of the most celebrated criminal of Kerala- Sukumara Kurup.

Odiyan (2018)

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The film deals with the story of one of the most dreaded black magicians in the world, Odiyan, who ruled the darkness of night during the pre-electrification era in Kerala.

Vijay Superum Pournamiyum (2019)

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Vijay Superum Pournamiyum

Praana (2019)

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A young woman decides to live a life of solitary in an old mansion away from the city's hustle bustle. Little does she know that the nature surrounding her has other plans for her.

K.G.F (2018)

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Yash,Srinidhi Shetty,Ramya Krishnan,Achyuth Kumar,Nassar,

9: Nine (2019)

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Plot kept under wraps.

June (2019)

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The constant bickering of her parents begins to take a toll on a little girl.

Aadu Jeevitham (2019)

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The film depicts the life of Najeeb Muhammad (Prithviraj), an Indian abused migrant worker, who was forced to survived in a desert to herd goats in Saudi Arabia.

The Man Who Feels No Pain (2018)

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It is a story of a young boy Surya who has a rare condition of Congenital Insensitivity to pain meaning he can not feel pain, and he sets out to learn martial arts and hunt down muggers.

Janaadhipan (2019)

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Janaadhipan is an upcoming Political Thriller which tells the life of a Chief Minister.

Mikhael (2019)

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Mikhael is a 2019 Malayalam crime drama thriller, which has been written and directed by Haneef Adeni. The movie star Nivin Pauly in the lead role.

Allu Ramendran (2019)

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Allu Ramendran